Makeup Brushes – Obsessed

Am I the only one? Till the age of 25 (2 years ago) the only reason I would have used a makeup brush was if it was included in the product.

Now at 27 I’m obsessed, to the point that nothing is applied to my face without a brush… even facemasks. When I’m browsing around Boots I always show up to the isle with all the brushes. What’s new? What have I not realised I’m living without?

What am I working with?

This is the current collection I am working with.


Real Techniques are amazing brushes I have got most of the Originals range.
My particular favourites that I use everyday are –

Expert Face Brush – I use this for my foundation
Pointed Foundation Brush – For concealer and under eye blending
Contour Brush – Blending powder contour
Detailer Brush – Applying eye shadow on the top lid and under eye
Base Shadow Brush – Blending eye shadow on the top lid
Brow Brush – Filling in those brows


Recently I took a trip to Milan and of course ended up in Kiko! These are the two brushes I picked up. They are the softest brushes ever, perhaps because they’re both for powder but I just love sweeping these over my face!


I’m sure there’ll be a follow up to this blog, my obsession will still continue.